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Creative Learning
Design & Strategy

 We help you write & produce Online Courses 
plus provide marketing strategy to ensure your ideas fly.

You have an idea
for a course or a membership, 
and you have plenty of
content to share,

your audience could be want to help more people than you can see in a day

You've done workshops & presentations, you have ideas, for e-books, courses & memberships

but, they are sitting on your computer, and you haven't got round to putting them out into the world. If only you could get them organized.

You're sharing great content on Instagram & Facebook leaving your audience wanting more...

You need a place to host all your content and offer exclusive access to VIP content. Maybe you run in person professional development programs that you could offer online.

You have been working one on one with clients and you want to reach more people with your message and offerings.

Yet, creating a legacy learning space has you all confused. It's too much tech involved, how do I market it, how will I find the time? So many questions...

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If this is you, and you want a low stress way to get your online course out of your head and into the world... but overwhelm and tech issues are getting in the way, we have to talk. This can be a long messy process when tackled alone, but I have an eight point in depth process that I work through to get you to publication.

I'm an Online Learning Designer & Marketing Specialist. I help business owners bring their expertise online with courses and membership sites. I’ve worked as a teacher, a software trainer a marketing executive and an event planner. I have a M.Ed plus 15 years experience developing curriculum at the graduate level.

If tech or overwhelm is holding you back from any project that you can imagine for your business,
then please reach out and book a discovery call with me. I’d love to hear about your project.

Lindsey Barlow.


We can help you with...


Course Branding

We brand all your course assets for higher student engagement and clearer course navigation. Includes:
Brand Board,
Course Logo,
E-Book Templates,
Branded Slide Presentations,
Video Intros,
Branded module icons.

Strategy Meeting

Course Coaching

From brainstorming marketing ideas to curriculum development we can show you our process for making a course come alive. Together we can
Build momentum on a project,
Bounce ideas around,
Upgrade your tech know-how,
Clarify your direction, I'll hold you accountable,
and I'll be your personal solution finder.
Custom Scheduling at your pace


Course Curriculum Development

Many clients like to concentrate on what they do best and hand over creation aspects to us.
Services include:
Course Ideation,
Content Writing,
Presentation design & creation,
E-books, Manuals, & Worksheets
Video editing,
Platform Set Up & Optimization,
Marketing Strategy.
Custom Proposals & Packages always

Landing Page Example

Landing Page Design

Your Course landing page has to tell the story of why your course is for them. It has to wow potential students with the value they will be getting. It has to quell their fears on the topic and explain why your course is different than any other.

Site Landing Page

Platform Management

Once your courses and membership sites are up and running, then comes the management & support. You want someone running that side of your business so you can be quick to launch bundles & seasonal specials. Have someone in support listening to students and evaluating what courses they need next.

Course Landing Page

Course Asset Development

As soon as you get your course outline honed and have validated your idea with your clients, it is time to get into production mode. Then it hits you, "I need an e-book, slide design, video editing, worksheets and perhaps checklists", the production schedule can seem overwhelming. Time to bring in some help. 


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Commitment & Accountability,
are a wise investment in your business

A Personalized Strategy Session can clear up your burning questions and start a plan


Book A Call

Find a spot on my calendar when you will be ready to meet for 20 minutes and come up with a plan for your next steps


I'll do some research 

Fill out our form, so I know more about you and can do a little research in preparation for our meeting


We'll both commit to your Goals

Commitment  & accountability is the right investment in your business. The information you get during this session will move you forward!


What will you get from
a Strategy Session?

We'll get to know each other, get your burning questions answered and see if we can help with the course ideas you have spinning around your head. Let's cut throught the clutter and start with clear next steps. I offer strategy, consulting & implementation.
20 min consult (it almost always runs over)

Find the partner you need & trust

A strategy session is the start

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